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Halo Hills started as just a home for us to live in and enjoy, but became so much more than that to us. It became our little piece of heaven, which is where it derived the name. Just as much as we look after the land and all that is on it, God provided land that looks after us by bringing us joy, sustenance, and peace. It became our piece of heaven that we wanted to share with you! 

The owners of Halo Hills, Katie and Andrew

Halo Hills dubbed the duck as our mascot, as the duck was one of the first parts of our new homesteading adventure and they bring joy to our family each day. The ducks of Halo Hills' joyous quack can be heard rain or shine and it will always bring a smile to your face (even when you have to shoo them out of the road because they're being little monsters...). We started with nine ducks but have continued to expand the family. We now have 28 little quackers.

Our goal is to find joy in our daily life through the successes and struggles that come with the day-to-day as we continue building a life at Halo Hills while helping others find their piece of heaven along the way. 


Our goal is to continue and expand our knowledge and share our experiences with the homesteading/farming/do-it-yourself lifestyle. We want Halo Hills to provide sustenance for the mind, body, and soul as we continue to get better each day and be able to grow a community that we can share and learn with in order to provide a better future. 


A foggy day at the Halo Hills homestead
Fresh picked veggies from the Halo Hills garden

Halo Hills has a mission to help find ways to bring peace to all that are looking for it. Andrew is a Marine veteran who served overseas and returned home searching for peace of mind and purpose. Katie has moved around plenty of times in her life and now desires to set in some roots while establishing a life that is rewarding from the hard work put in each day. As a couple, Andrew + Katie want to make Halo Hills pass down from generation to generation. 

We desire to help others continue to learn and find peace in their daily work of providing for their land, livestock, family, and community knowing each day that you have value in your actions and you can build your own little piece of heaven. 




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